Our investment managers look worldwide for opportunities. Once identified, evaluated and approved, they then choose the most efficient method for tapping into that opportunity. Options might include investing directly into the security itself, indirectly via another fund manager, or utilising structured products and index trackers for example. Ultimately the tools and devices used are academic, because what really counts are the results achieved on behalf of our investors.

Our  fund offers an all-encompassing investment solution

Our assets under management are generally invested on a multi-strategy basis, across multiple geographies, although certain of our funds are focused on specific strategies and geographies. The portfolio composition of our multi-strategy funds is determined by evaluating what we believe are the best market opportunities for each fund, consistent with each fund’s goal of diversification and capital preservation.

Every asset class has its attractions, how each asset class performs in investment terms is influenced to a greater or lesser degree by prevailing economic and market conditions along with other circumstances and events.

While some asset classes move up or down closely together, others remain unmoved or do exactly the opposite. So that as the fortunes of one asset class begin to wane, one or more of the other asset classes is usually in the ascendant and vice
versa. The linkage – or lack of it – between each asset class is referred to as ‘correlation’; closely correlated asset classes usually move together in the same direction, while asset classes that are less correlated, don’t.

By combing a range of asset classes in one fund, the sharp ups and downs of each asset class can be ‘smoothed out’ by the other asset classes and as a consequence, the fund’s overall investment performance becomes steadier and smoother.

Our funds invest in eight asset classes, which are: Bonds, Commodities, Equities, Currency funds, Hedge funds/Alternatives, Private Equity, Managed Cash and Property.

The primary investment strategies we employ in these funds include the following:


Long/Short Equity Special Situations

Long/short equity special situations consist of fundamental long/short and event-driven investing. Fundamental long/short investing involves analysing companies and assets to profit where we believe mis-pricing or undervaluation exists. Event-driven investing attempts to realise gain from corporate events such as spin-offs, recapitalisations and other corporate restructuring, whether company specific or as a result of industry or economic conditions.

Property and Structured Credit

Structured credit involves investments in residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities and other asset-backed securities. This strategy also includes investments in collateralised loan obligations and collateralised debt obligations.

Private Investments

Private investments encompass investments in a variety of special situations that seek to realise value through strategic sales or initial public offerings.