Imali Capital

Is a privately-held registered corporate finance company, with a focus on Debt Financing Solutions through the issue of Fixed Income Structures, Private Equity Financing and NASDAQ Listings.

We seek to create

Innovative routes to market and financing being it in the form of the issue or use of Exchange Traded Notes (ETN), Eurobonds, Medium Terms Notes (MTN), Convertible Loans, Public Listings, Private Equity Financing, amongst others.

We seek to capitalise

On current market situations and conditions, utilising the most efficient methods of raising funds for our clients, characterised by their specific objectives, market position and direction.

We seek out new opportunities

That allow us to grow and expand our business for the benefit of our clients and our investors. We have expertise in providing a broad range of innovative solutions and strategies for clients seeking financing as a part of going public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, through the issue of debt instruments, or through private placements to expand and grow their business.

These strategies are supported by our network of institutional investors, family offices and high net worth investors who seek to participate in secure investment opportunities.

Our Approach

Identifying Opportunities

There are periods when a market, sector or security becomes mis-priced because investors do not recognise its true value or do not have the platform or network to access the opportunity. These periods may be long, or short lived, but in either case an investor can benefit from these inefficiencies.

The team at Imali Capital has a long history of identifying and successfully exploiting opportunities in securities and assets, through rigorous and extensive analysis of the company and industry fundamentals. Research is the cornerstone of Imali Capital’s process when taking on new clients.

Over the years, we have built an extensive network which provide us with substantial deal flow. We are in an excellent position to capitalise on the best investment ideas at any given time, be it companies looking for debt financing through the issue of our listed fixed income structures, financing as a part of going public on NASDAQ or through private equity financing.

Protecting Capital

Our focus on fundamental research is complemented by strict adherence to our disciplined style, focus to the downside, diversification and the use of the best possible structures for capital protection to the benefit of our investors. Our philosophy is to understand the potential downside and/or loss of an investment. From here we generate Fixed Income Structures and/ or Public Listings to generate above average returns.


Imali Capital has significant analytical experience in both equity and debt markets. In addition, we have internal industry specialists and external partners with expertise in specific fields. We use this wealth of resources to come up with ideas and analyse investment opportunities that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Managing Risk

Prior to engaging with a client, we apply risk management techniques on the company and their project though in-house assessment.

We also provide an independent risk management group that analyses the exposure on any deal to ensure that once engaged we can build a structure that serves the purpose of the client.

We ensure our investors are provided with investment opportunities that have the highest level of capital protection while providing above average returns.

Our Ethos


Imali Capital’s Founding Partners are distinctly aware of the culture and characteristics that can position a team for long term success in our industry. We have therefore built a flat organisation and fostered a collaborative work environment where we value more than anything:

Curiosity rather than defensiveness
Independent thinking and willingness to challenge the consensus
Ownership and accountability
Loyalty and long-term commitment
Encouraging Diversity amongst our multinational team
Continuous improvement rather than complacency
Commitment and integrity when serving our investors
Imali Capital maintains an open work environment and a collegial atmosphere encouraging individuals from across the firm to contribute ideas and to challenge the consensus, to continuously improve the firm and the results for our investors

Ensuring Results and Security


Each of our core areas of business are run by industry experts that have their own dedicated team to ensure that the business area within which they operate (Fixed Income, NASDAQ listings, or Private Equity), to ensure the best result for clients, at the best terms and most secure structure offering the highest level of capital protection.