Public Listings

Imali Capital Specialises

In helping companies list on the NASDAQ stock exchange by providing a turn-key solution.

Imali Capital can help list companies who can demonstrate pre-money valuations of between USD150M – 500M. These companies can raise between USD10M – 50M as a part of an Imali Capital structured IPO, with further financing of up to USD100M post listing.

NASDAQ has multiple tiers and standards that companies must meet in order to apply for a listing.

However, Imali Capital has found that the “NET income standard” poses the least barriers to entry for NASDAQ admission.

A basic outline of minimum conditions for a NASDAQ listing are as follows:

  • 300+ shareholders (Imali Capital will assist in providing these)
  • Share price of minimum of USD4 per share (Imali will work with company to achieve this)
  • Company should have an investment bank supporting the IPO (Imali can propose a suitable Investment Bank/Partner)
  • Company must have top tier professional lawyers, accountants, auditors and IR firms for the listing (Imali Capital will arrange this)
  • Company must hold a minimum of USD5m+ of a free float as a part of the IPO (Imali Capital can provide this as well as second round funding up to USD50m)
  • Company must have 3 market markers supporting the stock (Imali Capital can secure these when needed)
  • Company‘s product and services must be packaged and presented in the best possible way to fit a US listing and investor relations strategy (Imali Capital will arrange this)